Patrick Pesce - BLUE MEMORIES

'Blue Memories' is a very personal accounting of the private and professional life of a New York City Police Officer, from early childhood until retirement. Originally intended for immediate family’s consumption, the early years describe both heartrending and heartwarming stories. The later years describe the professional life of a police officer’s rise to lieutenant in the largest police department in the world. The police stories are timeless, describing tribulations similar to current police controversies that seem perpetual. The tribulations continue upon retirement until a successful emotional and financial civilian life is achieved. Critics have described the book as a “page turner.”

“A detailed and honest description of a police officer’s career in the New York City Police Department. The highs and lows of street patrol and various assignments, mixed with the emotions of family life, make for intriguing reading as one gains insight to the everyday trials and tribulations a police officer experiences during the course of his duties. The camaraderie and “blue blood” cliché derived as they pursued their duties have emerged as a tradition that still exists in today’s police culture.”
—Fred Fernez, Retired Inspector,
Suffolk County Police Department, New York

“A touch of reality; written through the eyes of a New York City Street Cop. Once you begin reading Blue Memories, you won’t put it down.”
-Robert Sullivan,
Chief of Police, Indian Harbor Beach, Florida

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Palm tree and cocktails kind of guy by Mary Brotherton SENIOR LIFE

Patrick Pesce retired from the New York City Police Department after his 23-year career and started a successful business.

His family had vacationed for years in Florida and in 2004, Pat and his wife Cathy moved to Indian Harbour Beach.

“I'm a palm trees and cocktails kind of guy,” he said.

Pat and Cathy Pesce were at a local restaurant where Marshall Frank was playing the violin. Frank is the author of 12 books and is a retired homicide detective, as well as an entertaining musician.

With their common background, they became friends.

“Marshall is my writing mentor,” Pesce said.

Frank wrote in an email, “One of the most likeable personalities I've ever met.”

Pesce attended one of Frank's writing seminars.

“He listened intensely at my seminar, took my outline and writing method and went to work on his first book.” Frank said.

Originally intended for Pesce's immediate family, Frank said, “His book is mufti-faceted, not just ordinary war stories but also about struggles of a broken family surviving in the streets.”

“Blue Memories, Life in Law Enforcement, Personal History” is the story of one New York City police officer's experiences in the nation's largest police force during some of its toughest times, including his remarkable assignments with the famous Knapp Commission investigations, working under Rudy Giuliani.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Coney Island, Pesce worked in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens – all of New York City, He rarely ventured farther than that.

“The first time I went oversea was when I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge,” he said, laughing.

“Pat Pesce is a dedicated, inspired ex-cop chomping at the bit to share his NYPD memoir with the rest of the world,” Frank said. “For those who enjoy police memoirs, especially those rooted in the bowels of New York City during the roughest of times, this is the book to read. When least expected, the reader will be howling at some of the humor.”